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Mobile Marketing - SMS campaigns


Using TXT or SMS marketing, you can reach your customers either when they're out and about, or when they're at particular events.
So you can communicate time critical messages to them - just when it counts!


eDM Campaigns offers a simple web based tool that lets you send SMS campaigns, so reach your customers quickly.
We make SMS campaigns easy and cost effective.


   • Quick data import feature
   • Simple message creation
   • Fast sending
   • 'TXT-back' service
   • Sender name or phone no.
   • Quick STOP facility



Sending SMS


By setting up a TXT-back, your target audience can send in SMS messages to a UK short code (reduced mobile number).

Just choose your own keywords, then users text in and we capture their data - send replies, trigger email campaigns and more, all set up quickly online.




TXT-back campaigns


By placing an SMS number on a magazine, print or outdoor advertisement, you give your target audience a way to communicate and interact with you directly, whilst not in their office or home environments.

This is great way to enable campaigns that can get feedback from events or localised activities eg. Store promotions, local discounts/offers etc.


Link the web/email and mobile


Because our eDM and SMS features are completely integrated, running sophisticated cross-media/integrated campaigns become a simple reality.

Users can TXT in their email address and be sent a pre-determined email in response, you can recognise the same subscribers across email and mobile, so creating a complete marketing communications offer.

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