edm_campaigns right message, right person, right time

Email Direct Marketing - eDM campaigns


Using permission-based, email direct marketing helps you expand your business by creating relationships with your prospects and customers, that grow and grow.

eDM Campaigns offers an easy to use web based service that provides everything you need to get your message right, to get it out to the right person and the right time.

   • Quick data import feature

   • Simple html email design and creation

   • Library of pre-designed email templates
   • Easy data capture forms builder
   • No limit to mailing lists
   • Automated email bounces
   • Legally conforming unsubscribe options
   • Detailed tracking & reports system


Reporting & analysis


The easy to read dashboard allows you to quickly see all of the vital information about your eDM campaigns.

From open rates and 'click throughs' (also benchmark them against industry averages), through to the number of subscribers added each day and your scheduled campaigns, the dashboard lets you stay in control and in touch with your customers' trends.

Subscriber list management

Whether you have one subscriber or thousands, our list manager makes managing your data simple.

Import your data from existing sources, de-duplicate your lists, buy in third party lists – all of these are quick and simple. Automatically pull in subscribers from simple forms on your website. Managing your data has never been so easy!




Design and create beautiful campaigns


Our simple web based email design tool, allows you to create professional looking campaigns to convey your message more clearly. We also give you (for free!) a library of templates for you to use and amend as you wish!

Easily adding features such a 'Dear John' personalisation, adds to the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns, in order to get your results.


Reporting & analysis


Our reporting tool lets you overview or delve into the detail of who's interested in your messages, as well as what in particular they could be interested in buying from you!

These tools give you an extremely powerful way of seeing what your customers' trends and desires are. You can even compare to your industry sector averages.


Legal compliance


Rightly, there are strict laws in place to avoid 'spamming' and for data protection, many of these legal obligations are automated on our system, to ensure your campaigns are complying with these laws.

We have stringent security and opt-in/opt-out policies in place, that mean you don't have to worry about your campaigns being law abiding!

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